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Atemitech has special capabilities in advanced touch display technology, screen enhancement technology, and the integration of these and other technologies for vertical market needs to ensure that its products can handle tough challenges.


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  • A Test of Precision for Sheet Metal Engineering: Internal Brackets for Autonomous Vehicles
    by Atemitech on October 6, 2021

    Autonomous driving assistance systems are now a part of our everyday life. Autonomous vehicles are becoming more widespread as well. Cars are now more than cars. They are a data center on wheels equipped with a multitude of sensors that can actively sense the surrounding environment, detect its position and make judgments automatically. The sensors are growing in number and complexity too. Most sensors are hidden within the vehicle body, stashed away inside the bumpers, rear view mirrors, and the side of the vehicle. How to protect these complex and sophisticated sensors from the vehicle’s motion and vibrations so they don’t stray out of place? The answer is internal brackets.

  • The advantages of choosing the OEM with lithium battery UN38.3 certification capabilities
    by Atemitech on October 4, 2021

    Whether it is an electric vehicle or a 3C product, batteries are indispensable, but incidents of batteries burning and exploding are often heard, which are of great concern to users; hence, designers have to uphold the principle of “Safety First” and insist on using the certified technologies, in order to pass all laws and regulations or certification standards of all countries. Choosing a manufacturer with both battery production and certification capabilities at this time can achieve the benefits of doubling the effect and halving the effort. In addition to ensuring on-time shipments, it can also reduce the cost of delayed shipments for businesses.

  • How to choose the sampling materials for pet intelligent peripheral products
    by Atemitech on October 4, 2021

    In the era of the Internet of Things, our lives are enriched by the wearable devices and intelligent appliances with all kinds of functions, and now these applications are also very popular in the care of pets. Being optimistic about the potential business opportunities in the future, major technology manufacturers have launched a variety of creative technologies specifically for pets. Do you know their main starting point when designing the samples? As a maker, how do you plan to design technological products for your own pets?

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