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Upon receiving your quotation request, our team will evaluate your requirements and provide manufacturing feasibility within 24 business hours.


Manufacturing Process

Once you have agreed to the quotation and processed the online payment, we will start manufacturing the parts. A photo of the completed parts will be sent to you for your review.



When the requested part is ready to ship out, you can log in to your online account on our website to track the delivery status.

Why Us?

Timeliness, quality, and cost are crucial to a successful product launch. Atemitech is a vertically integrated mechanical solution supplier. We provide professional prototypes to save you costs and reduce the need for mass production.

Proven Track Record

We have received more than 50 ODM projects annually since 2000 and we have rich experience working with blue-chip customers.

High Customer Satisfaction

We have a high customer satisfaction score for responsiveness, flexibility, and quality works

Technology Innovation

We have a dedicated and continuous investment in the advancement of production process, surface treatment, and material quality.

One-stop Shop

We are an experienced original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of all electronic products and mechanical solutions.


Our goal is to provide you with the right combination of process and materials to bring the characteristics and functionalities of your product concept to reality.

Check our list of commonly used materials to help guide you on the best material options for you.

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Looking For Low Volume Manufacturing To Save Your Cost?

One-time prototyping and full volume production is a very costly investment as it usually requires a large minimum order quantity. At Atemitech, we offer low volume manufacturing of up to 50K parts. Learn more on how you can get your next no-minimum order production with us.

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