Urethane Casting

Our Urethane Casting is an economical, high-quality, and fast-production process solution similar to injection molding,

We use a material that is relatively flexible and soft compared to metal molds, making our process suitable for low-volume and small-to-medium-scale production.

With our soft mold material, we have a shorter manufacturing turnaround time of 2-3 days when tooling (vs hard molds).

We offer a wide variety of process technologies for urethane mold

We have the strongest technical expertise with years of mass producing and developing high-precision 3C electronic products.

Our in-plant technology includes insert molding, overmolding, two-material injection (plastic + rubber), and optical clear to make our perfect silicone molds.

  • PU Casting- plastic like
  • PU casting-Elastomer , Rubber like 20〜80 ShoreA Hardness
  • Insert molding – Nuts, reinforced piece, cable…etc.
  • Over molding – Plastic and Rubber
  • Double injection – Plastic and Rubber
  • PU Casting
  • PU Casting
    Elastomer, Rubber-like, between 20 to 80 in the Shore A Hardness Scale
  • Insert molding
    Nuts, Reinforced Piece, Cable and more
  • Over molding
    Plastic and Rubber
  • Double injection
    Plastic and Rubber

Realized Product Experience

Consumer electronics

Chassis and Enclosure

Wearable device

Hand strap, Cases, and Protective Sleeve


Air Dock, Door and Handle, Bracket, and Cover

Medical device

Chassis and Enclosure


Housing and Cover

Material & Finished Options

Material options:

  • PU ABS-like
  • PU PMMA(Acrylic)-like
  • PU Silicon-like
  • PU Silicon-like Clear

Finished options:

  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Texturing

Product Size

The maximum size of urethane casting mold we can produce is 500x500mm

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